I suck at blogging..

So its true, I suck at blogging! I am not sure why I am so bad at it. Maybe I feel as if the mundane things of my life are of no interest to others. Some of it is a lack of time and blogging simply not being a prioity but here I am again going to give it a whirl.

Initally, I started this blog to display my photography as a way of gaining exposure and attracting new clients. This past January I was diagnosed with Iritis and suffered for almost 3 months with the side effects of the disease. It was VERY frustrating for me to go from a very hands on mom and wife to totally dependant and exhausted.At its worst points I was often found curled up in the fetal position crying as a result of the extreme pain and not being able to play with my children who were not use to seeing their mommy in such a helpless state. The 3 months left me no longer passionate about photography. While I still love taking pictures of my family I am no longer interested in pursueing photography as a career. That being said I am still booking photo sessions but on a much more limited basis. And I am no longer doing weddings. Weddings, while fun, were just a lot more work than this full time stay at home mom wishes to do again.

I now see this blog as a way of talking about what is going on with my family and I. I think there will be entries about things we are doing, things we are eating, new ideas I have about how we should be living and topics of that nature. I am hoping to also be able to blog about money/spending, crafts, organization or lack of organization, selling/buying a home, and traveling. At the beginning of the year I had started a blog to talk about my new year's resolutions and once again failed to update it. When I get inspired from time to time I will also be addressing those resolutions. As a side note some of those resolutions were rather BIG goals but I am proud to say I am doing well on two particuar goals, the reading through the Bible and weight loss. :)

Okay.. what else? I guess thats it for now. I am open to ideas and suggestions.. message me