I've been busy lately! Recently, I have had several inquiries about photo sessions and completed 3 in the past 3 week with another one scheduled for Friday (newborn pics, perhaps my favorite!!) As of now I am booked until mid-September with the exception of new babies that need to be photographed right away!

I have also been busy around the house and with the girls. Last, Thursday my mother-in-law called to say she had green beans from her garden for us and my grandma also had several that we were able to pick. The following day I blanched and froze about 6 cups of beans! Its a small amount but it will make a difference this winter! There are more to come this week :)

Saturday, my sisters, dad, the kiddos and I hit the Conewago Trail in Hershey and ran/ biked 8.25 miles, stopped for icecream at the Jigger Shop and than ran/biked back. I ran 13 miles of the total trip and biked the rest. My the end of the night my body was less than thrilled with me but by the next morning I felt great!!!! So good infact that I bought a bike off craigslist on Sunday and am hoping to go more often with Eric and the girls.

Sunday night we went to Rawlinsville Camp Meeting for the Naval Academy Band. I love being at camp and spending time with wonderful friends!! Its also so much fun to see our children becoming friends!!  At camp Amy hooked me up with some peppers and zucchini from her parents garden (FYI: I dont turn down free food)! So Monday morning I chopped and froze about 4 cups of green peppers and grated and froze 10 cups of zucchini. Madeleine has been asking me at least once a day now since last week for "bread that mommy made" as a snack. Luckily for her Amy loved her mommy and she can have it all winter long :)

Monday afternoon the girls and I went over to my friend Lauren's house to go swimming with her, her son Matthew and friend April and her daughter Adriana. The girls and I had so much fun and the heat and water made for some tired little girls!

I am loving summer and all it has to offer!