Mud Run

Several months ago my sisters convinced me to do a mud run with them! After looking at the website and the obtacles I was so excited and registered. What could be better than running a 10k with obstacles and MUD?!?

Today we ran the beautiful nad EXTREMLY FUN race!! Seriously I'd do this race again in a heart beat!! I came in with a time of 1:07:21 which was 49th in my age division. The top runner in my division had a time of 47:22.

Here are some pictures for our FUN day!!

Erin, Erin, Kelly and I before our 10K

 The start line
5,500 participants!

Starting the Race with a smile!

This was the second to last obstacle

Final mud pit!

Me going through the final mud pit
Finishing the race with a smile
and a large piece of mud in my eye :(

Ashley entering the mud pit

The finish line!!