I've been domestic lately

I've been domestic lately! Its summer which means it that one time of the year we have great fresh food available to us locally and I am trying to make the most of it. Last week I decided that we were going to have kabobs and corn on the cob for dinner. Because we have a charcoal grill, I NEVER grill but thankfully Eric had the day off and was willing to do some grilling for me. I put the cute little kabobs together and Eric made sure they cooked well on the grill, YUMMY!

Then we went over to Eric's uncles house on Sunday for a July 4th picnic. Eric's aunt sent us home with zucchini. So since I am not a fan of fresh zucchini, I did the only other thing I know to do with zucchini, bake bread with it. Even YUMMIER that the kabobs was the warm zucchini bread. I used a recipe from a lady at church and just added some flax seed to it. ( I add flax seed to lots of randome things, including mac n cheese). It was amazingly good!

After making the bread, I found out from my dearest friend, Amy, that you can grate and freeze zucchini for breads in the future so with my remaining zucchini, I did just that! Next time Aunt Kitty offers me zucchini I will be taking more than four :)

Finally, I had to repair the holes in the Eric's work pants. Here's where things start to get sad. First of all, I AM not a sewer. I do own a sewing machine, but it spends 99% of its time in its orignal box. Secondly, many of you will look at these pants and say "Megan, go buy new ones" but here in the Rohrer household we have to save $$ where we can and these pants have not made it to there life expectancy point. Believe it or not (if you know Eric you'll believe it) my huband has marked the purchase date inside his work pants and he has developed a schedule for when they can be replaced. I think they have to make it 10 years. Not sure but that's the date I have in my mind. Anyway, these pants are not there yet so out came my sewing machine and away I went.

my first attempt ended in my machine getting jammed alot, so I said, screw it, I am hand stitching, lol!!!!!

then  this is the inside of his pants for the second knee.
After chaning the thread things went much better!!

So then I went back to the first knee and reinforced it with the green thread.. lol..I love us!!

Its fun being domestic!!