New Year's Resolutions

This year like every year I have set some goals for myself. This year I have considered I want out of life, what I need, and what I am missing.

My 2014 Resolutions are:

- to write
- to read
- to run 750 or more miles this year.
- to utilize the U.S. Postal System more
- to take one picture a day

In the past few months, but especially the past few weeks I've done a lot of thinking about my life. I found myself reading back through old journal entries and discovered that while I was a teenager I did ALOT of writing and since then I've devoted little time to it. For the most part, I have journaled about my girls from pregnancy through childhood. I've recorded precious memories and dates of those precious "firsts."  But I rarely write about me. About my feelings. I've always enjoyed writing. Always found it therapeutic. I need to write more.

With writing, goes reading. I have a couple of hours every day where I have time for just me. Often times this time is spent on facebook and watching TV. While both are great escapes, neither are productive. This year I will spend more time reading.

Also in the 2014, I will make more time for me. I love running! When I run I am happier and healthier. Currently, I find it hard to get in a running routine. Even when training for a big race, I struggle with finding all the time I need to get in my long runs. This year, I am going to focus on total miles rather than completing one large race. My goal this year is to log 750 miles.

In 2014, I am going to send more mail. I LOVE getting mail! I am always hoping for fun things to arrive in the mail for me, so this year I am going to give others what I love getting... mail!

Finally, I am going to take a picture a day. It might be something wonderful like jumping in the waves at the beach or it might be as simple as Ainsley waiting by the front door for Eric to come home. Whatever it may be, I am going to capture daily moments.

Please join me this year as I work on my resolutions! Follow me, support me, encourage me and join me along the way!

Here are the pictures from my first day of 2014

Emilia showing me her muscles!

Emilia showing she has no fear!

Madeleine almost reaching the top!

Happy New Year!!!