In a previous post I mentioned that I have been busy lately! So I thought I'd update everyone on 3 of the more fun things I have been working on lately.

First I am addicted to pintrest but am determined that not only and I going to fill up my boards but I am going to actually make and create the things I am posting. First on my list was laundry detergent. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this actually was. They didnt lie when they said I could find all the ingredients in my local grocery store and once home it took less than 5 minutes to make. I was still skeptical about whether or not this homemade, cost-effective detergent would actually work but I am pleased to annouce that it even cleans Eric's work clothes.
These are the 3 ingredient you need to purchase

Then you grate the Fels Naptha bar

Then you place the grated bar into a jar with 1 cup of each of the remaining ingredients.
Its just that easy!!
(sorry I dont know how to flip pictures)

Besides saving $$ I have been earning some $$ doing something I love, taking pictures of new babies! In the month of August and September so far I have had 3 new baby boys to take pictures of. I have one session yet to finish but here are some favorites from the other sessions.

And then my other major project right now has been creating a tent. I originally thought up the grandiose plan to set up a vintage photo session with a tent etc and charge a bit more than my normal rates in an attempt to raise $$ to send myself to Africa. I have since reconsidered the whole thing but still plan on finishing the tent for a prop in other sessions. I am about 3/4 finished and just have to piece together the second side and clean up everything. I still havent decided about putting a back on it because I think i might just like the slight unfinished work. We will see.
Some of the fabric I used for the tent

Well that's what I have been up to. How about you?