The Magic of Falling Snow

Those who know me, know I am not a fan of winter or snow. I am a flip-flop and Bermuda shorts girl. I love the beach and all things summer. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard there was snow in the forecast for October. Madeleiene was so excited this morning when it started to snow, "Christmas!!" she proclaimed as she looked out our sliding doors. And then it started. The girl who like her mother didn't like being cold started to ask to go outside and build a snowman. Her excitement was so precious and I promised her that after she woke up from her nap we'd go outside. Secretly, I only wanted to go out for a few minutes and attempt to get a Christmas card photo of the girls. 

In the meantime to keep her focused on something other than the pending fun outside I decided to have her help me make pumpkin bread. She was trilled. Madeleine LOVES helping me bake!!

So while Eric laid on the floor (this is typically how he spends at least half his day and the reason he won't let me get HW floors) the girls and I baked bread

Madeleine getting the butter out of the wrapper

Emilia entertained with the empty butter box

 Adding eggs

 The dry ingredients

Emilia after her nap enjoying some pumpkin bread and milk

So after the bread was in the oven the girls took their nap while I edited pictures and got to smell the house filling up with the smell of baking pumpkin bread. Madeleine woke up first and cuddled with me before asking to read her new book from her preschool library. Then Emilia woke up and I gave both girls some pumpkin bread. It didn't take Madeleine long to remember that I promised we'd go outside after nap. So after finishing their snack I bundled the girls up and out we went. Madeleine loved that her boots made footprints in the snow and Emilia was all smiles even after falling in the snow and getting wet several times. Both girls thought it was hilarious when I taught them how to catch snow flakes in their mouths. We stayed out for quite some time just walking up and down the snow covered community path beside our home, making footprints and catching snowflakes. Maybe next time we'll attempt a snowman. There was something magical about being outside with the girls today. I can honestly say I loved watching the snowflakes fall from the sky.