In 2011 I took 26 photo session. Of those photo sessions 16 of them were between the month of October and November. And all but 4 of those 16 were for Christmas cards/gifts.

For each photo session I take an average of 250 photos in about 45 mins to an hour. I then go through all the photos and crop or delete the image. I then go through the remaining images and and enhance an average of 40 images and some of them as many as 4x. As you can imagine the process is very time consuming. My best guess is that each session takes me about 8 hours to complete. Since being a mommy is my full time job I typically edit photos from 8:30pm until 11pm when my girls are in bed.

So all this is being said because in order to continue providing clients with a large variety of quality photos I am going to adjust some of my pricing and policies

1. With the exception of "birth" day and "newborn" photos all sessions will take place outdoors. (unless I decide to invest in a backdrop etc)

2. Payment (cash/check) is due at the session

3. There will be an additional $10 charge for non-newborn sessions scheduled during the months of October and November

4. NO sessions will be scheduled between November 20, 2012 and Jan 2, 2013, as well as from the day I give birth (due date 7/18/12) and through Aug 13, 2012

5. Prices are as follows:
Maternity- $50
Newborn( recommended before 2 weeks) - $50
Child/Children - $50 up to 2 kids, $10 for each additional child
Family - $65 per family unit, additional units $25 each
Senior - $50
Engagement - $50 (unless included with wedding package)
Wedding - $1300 (includes two shooters)
"birth" day - TBD

6. Save 20% on packages after two a year

7. No weddings Nov-Feb

8. I started offering my services so families who may not have been able to afford professional, quality photos could have them at a fair price. If at any time you can not afford my rate please do not hesitate to talk to me!

9. I often get asked about Mother's Day photos for the Sunday news. If you are interested please e-mail me. I am hoping to schedule some back to back mini-sessions at a low rate and then you would just be responsible for submitting them to the paper