I've been addicted to Pintrest for a while now and I've committed to not just pinning but actually following through with what I pin. For me the easiest things to do have been the cleaning tips. Tonight after dinner I washed the dishes, wiped down the counter tops, scrubbed the stove top and then became motivated to do more. So I logged into Pintrest and pulled up a page I had pinned earlier. 

Cleaning a Glass Stove Top

The Before Pictures
(I already washed them off with Formula 409)

 Fill a bowl with hot soapy water and soak cloth

 Sprinkle baking soda over stove top

Wring out wet towels and lay on top of baking soda for 15 minutes

 Wearing gloves scrub stove top, dry and windex

 Dirty water

Now I have to admit that after I finished scrubbing I was very skeptical. It really did not appear to me that the stove top was all that much cleaner. I did have to take a knife to some of the carbonized residue but over all the stove top is a LOT cleaner!!!