How do you say "Thank you?"

For over 3 months now I have been trying to write several Thank-you notes. I am not sure what is taking me so long, maybe there really aren't enough or strong enough words to say. Even writing this post I am not really sure how to explain it. In mid-December a high school acquaintance of mine (actually, it was the first guy I ever kissed) suddenly died. That along with some other events caused me to think back to my teenage years. Looking back with a new adult perspective and the perspective of a mother I was brought to tears time and time again when I realized how blessed and protected my teenage years were. Looking back I can see actual situations where I know that had a group of adults not cared enough to give of their time to form a relationship with me, and pray for me things could have gone terribly wrong. I can visually see the hedge of protection around me in certain situations and I am so incredibly grateful!!! With one note down I have at least 3 more to write.