What we've been up to lately

After the birth of Ainsley we spent most of the month of August on vacation. After vacation I said I was going to start potty training Emilia so the day after labor day the fun began. Emilia caught on quickly. She is a very smart girl but loves doing things her way so I was not surprised she picked it up quickly while insisting she "do it myself." 

The Friday after we started potty training my sister and I decided to take the kids to a local orchard to pick some fruit. Towards the end of our time there Emilia announced to me that she had to pee. Being the awesome mother I am I calmly explained to her that there were no potties in the orchard but that she could pee in the field. She was thrilled. I took off her pants and showed her how to squat. Much to my amazement my little girl peed and then pooped right there in the field. I have never been so proud and horrified.

Now well into week two of potty training Emilia has caught on that every time she goes to the potty she gets a Hershey kiss and therefore she has decided she will pee every other minute or so. Love her!!!! 

On Monday, Madeleine started preschool again. Its hard to believe that my baby girl is 4. She has really grown up so much in the past year. I can not wait to see how she grows this year.

In my spare time I have been checking things off my never ending "to do list" Most recently I made Ainsley her taggie blanket and two other blankets. They are nothing special but she is so I tried my best.

Eric has also been busy. He doesn't stop. There always seems to be gardening, car stuff and then there is the cuddling. 

We are busy but we are blessed!!!