Pretzels, Hoveround and Laundry

Today the girls and I went out to run some errands. I had a return to make at Target, Madeleine needed Valentines for her preschool class and she's also been asking for a hand santitizer holder for her backpack, so off we went.

First stop, Target... My girls love the store with the red balls. The past two times we've gotten the largest cart there. Its the one with two seats that face the actual cart. (see picture below. Note these are not my kids)

Anyway the thing is massive but it manages to keep them, for the most part, in one place. Target was a success. My return was done quickly, There was minimal whining about wanting sparkly dresses and all things Dora rocks. And Madeleine and Emilia both scored Hello Kitty lipgloss.

Our next stop was Park City. Madeleine was excited to chose a sparkly anti-bacterial gel holder for her backpack at Bath & Body Works. She was equally excited that I allowed her to "pay the payer." From there we walked to the center and decided to get Auntie Anne's prezels in place of a fasnacht for the day. While eating our pretzels I saw one of the most AMAZING sites!!! An elderly gentleman helped his wife into her Hoveround which was then pulled by his Hoveround via a hitch. I complemented him on such an amazing piece of machinery and he told me he made it himself when the battery of her Hoveround started to die. Genius!! Seriously hes on to something!!!

After Park City we headed home and I put the oldest two upstairs for naps. As I am typing this, however, I can hear whispering indicating my little cherubs are not making good choices. So Ainsley and I are going to do some yelling followed by several loads of laundry.