A Conversation with Emilia

Last night Madeleine had a sleep over with Aunt Erin and Killian. So I got to have some more quality time with Emilia.

I love Emilia. She is a many things: middle child, spicy firecracker, opinionated but more than anything she is affectionate and very sensitive. At times Emilia can be trying but she's so darn cute.  I love her to pieces!

I decided to take the time last night to have some un-interrupted conversation with her. We just talked about things she like doing, like going to the beach and playing in the sand. We talked about her family and who loves her. And then I decided to ask her questions such as "what is your favorite color?" I thought I'd share some of her answers with you

Me: Emilia, what is your favorite color?
Emilia: Blue
Me: Emilia, how much do I love you?
Emilia: So much!
Me: Emilia, who do you love?
Emilia: Mommy.
Me: who else?
Emilia: Daddy, Madeleine, Ainsley, Angus, Mum- mum, Kelly, Erin, Killian
Me: Emilia, who is your best friend?
Emilia: Dustin
Me: What to you want to be when you grow up?
Emilia: A cow!
Me: Emilia, what comes out of cows
Emilia: Poop
Me:(laughing) whatelse
Emilia: umm pee
Me: Emilia does milk come out of cows?
Emilia: no