reading and a new friend

Since almost the first day of school, Madeleine has had a new friend that she met on the bus. He actually lives a few doors down from us. Finally this week, he followed through on his bus promises and came over to play after school. Madeleine could not be more thrilled and Emilia also seems to get a long with him. Now I am finding myself in a new position. We do not know his family very well and while I am sure they are a loving family, I do not believe they have some of the same values we have. Madeleine has told us that her and her new friend sing on the bus and he does not know the song "Jesus loves me" but does know "wheels on the bus." Then today as we walked home from the bus stop, He realized he lost a paper on the bus and said "holy shit!" Yea... I was not a fan. So we are setting some ground rules. The friend can play at our house or with the girls outside but Madeleine is not allowed to go to his house. In the mean time I will continue to figure this whole thing out. I am hoping that our family can have a positive influence on her friend while keeping Madeleine from being negatively influenced.

Madeleine has also started reading :) I am so excited for her. At kindergarten orientation Madeleine's teacher said that in October she'd start sending home reading homework to the students who are ready. Tonight Madeleine got her first book "My Backpack" I loved sitting with her as she read the book tonight. So proud of her!!