Today, I turned 32 and had one of the best birthday's I can remember. While I do not like snow, I LOVE snow days! I was so thankful to be able to sleep in today thanks to the snow and canceled schools. It was so nice to not have to drive the girls around and plan my day around school starting and ending times. Our morning started with pancakes.  The girls had chocolate chip :) Shortly after breakfast, I got a call from my dad and 98 year old grandma who sang, "Happy Birthday." Priceless! A sort time later, I received another wonderful "Happy Birthday" call from my forever and ever best friend, who failed to sing but still made me smile. Shortly before lunch, the girls and I made chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!! After lunch, I got Ainsley ready for her nap and then bundled up Madeleine and Emilia to head outside into the snow. It didn't take me long to figure out we had the best snow for making a snowman. Emilia was so excited to help make her first snowman. She sat in the snow with me and packed it into a  three sphere like shapes. Madeleine chose to play/chase Angus instead of helping us until most of the work was done. I think Madeleine's favorite part was decorating or dressing our snowman.

Eric also got home from work as our snowman was just about done. After some pictures of our completed snowman, I started a snow ball fight with the girls. Eric quickly jumped in and before long we were all covered in snow. SO MUCH FUN! We came inside when the girls started to get cold. I got an awesome birthday card from my dear friend, Jolene. Next, Madeleine chose a stack of Christmas books and we sat on the couch and read through them followed by family cuddle time on the couch. 

I am so blessed! I have a great family! I love my husband and girls so much! So thankful that I got to spend my birthday with them making memories.