My Father's Daughter

Last night at 11pm, I found myself watching out my bedroom window for an hour as the police knocked on our neighbors door and ultimately entered her house after she failed to respond. Apparently she was talking to a family member on the phone when she suddenly stopped talking. When she no longer answered her phone they became concerned and called the police. Shortly after the officers broke in and entered her home the ambulance showed up but thankfully she ended up walking out to the stretcher on her own. She said she was feeling better but seemed disoriented. 

As I watched and waited, I remembered back to my teenage years when I turned on the kitchen light at my grandparents house and found Pappy watching the neighbors out of his kitchen door. He quickly told me to turn out the light so they wouldn't see him. 

And then there is my father, his son, who has recently learned how to use Lancaster Communications website and who has been known to follow an emergency vehicle or two. During all of the excitement it occurred to me that this is why Eric was able to fall asleep while I stood watch, I am my fathers daughter, this type of behavior has been inbreed in me :/


Angie Myer said...

Hello Megan! I got your contact information from Amanda Kneisley :) Just wondering if you could e mail me at Thanks so much!! :)
- Angie