My Emilia and Why I love her!

Yesterday morning, the meltdown was about how I tied her shoes. I calmly tried three times to tie her shoe before insisting she wear boots to the bus stop. Her argument still doesnt make sense to me, but apparently Eric and I tie her shoes wrong and she HATES the way her laces hang off the side of her shoe.

Today, The meltdown was about her hair.  First she wanted "Elsa hair" so I did the side ponytail with a braid that I always do while she watched in the bathroom mirror, but when I was done she yelled, screamed and ripped out the hair band correcting me. "No! I want Anna hair!!" And she pulled her hair into two pig tails and added "Like Madeleine's" So I gave her "Anna hair" and after she saw it in the mirror she also tore that out because she didnt like a bulge in her hair where the braid started. Ultimately, she wore her hair down. The multiple hair styles caused us to slightly be running late for the bus stop but we made it in time and after waving goodbye to Madeleine we started the journey to church to take Ainsley to preschool.

Just over half way into our 30 minute trip the van was peaceful with the exception of Ainsley who was singing praise songs at the top of her lungs from the back seat. Emilia must have been deep in thought when she politely asked me, "What is Nanny's name?" "Well her parents named her Hazel, but we called her Nanny," I answered. Worried that it wasnt the answer she was looking for, I waited for her to yell at me, but instead she continued to sit quietly. "Were you thinking about her Emilia?" I asked. "No," she replied, "I just wanted to know her name so I can ask Jesus where she lives when I get to Heaven"

And that's why I love her!
My little girl lives life with such passion and love that often times I think when things are not just as she has dreamed her big heart cant handle it.
She's My Emilia! Full or heart with the attitude to sometimes go with it and no matter how dramatic the outbursts become I will continue to love her for everything she is!