Uncomfortable beds

We just got back from several days at the beach with my family. It was a nice time to spend with Eric, the girls and my family. I was so proud of Madeleine who started the trip terrified of the ocean and then conquered her fear and was jumping waves mid-week. There were even a couple of times she swallowed some ocean water but kept going. I loved sharing those moments with her. Emilia was also amazing as she really has no fear of anything and is happy go lucky. She just loves life!

My only complaint about the whole time at the beach was the beds. Oiy! Everynight despite my exhaustion I had to convince myself  to go to sleep. I actually debated the first night if the floor was more comfortable. It was rough!!! Amazingly, despite the hard mattresses when I did finally fall asleep I was able to sleep deep enough to dream. And boy did I dream. One night inparticular I was thrown off by the characters, locations and situations in my dream. I dreampt of people I hadn't seen or thought about in years. And my dreams were so vivid, taking me back to my teenage years. Its amazng how things change so much over the years. Friendships come and go, priorities shift and sometimes they do so without warning leaving unanswered questions. My dream on the worlds worst mattress has left me wondering how an old friend is doing. And despite my awesome stalking skills I am left with little information and for me that leaves me with an odd void right now. Maybe one that was always there and i didnt know exsisted.

From time to time we reminiss on the good ole' days. Silly things we did in the name of love. Poor choices made. Feelings felt. Things unsaid. I loved my teenage years. I had the wonderful friends and experiences! So thankful for them all and where I am today. Just leaves me with some questions, perhaps best left unanswered.


KAL071203 said...

Never thought I'd miss high school, but I do now and I miss youth group more than anything. I wouldn't trade my life for anything but I wish I knew then how precious those carefree days were and to cherish them:) I <3 making new memories with you and our kids:)

MomentsRemembered said...

I think its amazing how drastically things have changed. So many times I feel like I am a completely different person from HS. Occasionally I miss the endless driving around without any real direction or purpose. I definitely miss some of the friendships. But I also love my life now. I couldn't ask for cuter more lovable girls and Eric and all his craziness makes me smile makes my life complete.