Its a BEAUTIFUL Day!!!

It should not come as a surprise to most people that I LOVE summer!!! I cant get enough of the warm, sometimes humid weather. And today I finally feel like I got to experience some of it!

Monday's are Lily days, so the girls and I headed down to my parents this morning to hang out with Lily. Ainsley and Lily took turns napping while Madeleine and Emilia blew bubbles and rode bikes in my parents driveway. When Killian came home we ate dinner (Taco Mac-n-cheese) on the deck, before heading to Silver Mine for a quick walk and Pine View Dairy for ice cream. It was just an all around BEAUTIFUL day.

The girls and I finally got home just after 8pm. I bathed all 3 of them, gave the oldest two a quick snack and then it was off to bed. It took Madeleine less that 5 minutes to fall asleep, a new record!

I felt like I had accomplished so much today, while nothing was crossed off my "to do" list that after Emilia fell asleep I got in a quick work out.

Sprint 9.0 for 45 seconds
Rest   4.0 for 45 seconds
Repeat for 6 sets

4.0 at a 4 incline increasing incline by 2 every minute until reaching 10

ran 6.0 for 2 mins

Sprint 9.0 for 30 seconds
Rest   4.0 for 30 seconds
Repeat for 4 sets

15 Jump-up Burpees


Seriously it was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!